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Chicken Recipes

One of the most common meats for cooking; chicken is an undisputed champion in the world of cooking. The possibilities are endless and so is the list of our chicken recipes. From simple chicken soups to extravagant delicate chicken dishes; you can find it all right here.

Beef Recipes

For all the beef lovers out there, we are bringing you some of the juiciest and mouthwatering recipes that you can easily cook and enjoy whenever you want. Click below and get a list of all the amazing recipes right at your palm.

Shrimp Recipes

Seafood is enjoyed and admired all over the world. It is a cuisine that is very vast and of which shrimps are a big part. Shrimps are a delightful seafood delicacy that is like none other. If you want to cook up some enchanting shrimp dishes then just follow our well-instructed recipes and enjoy.

Vegetable Recipes

Why should meat-lovers have all the fun? Vegetables are a source of great taste and nutrition. And thankfully they are also much easier to cook. If you’re looking to have some easy and delicious vegetable dishes ready for your meals then we have the solution for you.

Drumstick Recipes

Drumsticks work great as an appetizer and can also be cooked as part of the main meal. For all the drumstick lovers, Life in Recipes is bringing you tons of tasty drumstick recipes that you can cook in ease and serve with great decoration that will blow your guests away.

Casserole Recipes

Are you a fan of food cooked in a casserole or such casserole dishes? Well then, you have come to the right place as here, we have a variety of casserole recipes that are both beautiful and delicious. Have a look for yourself and see what you find most appealing to cook.

Steak Recipes

Nothing fills the mind like a nice and juicy steak, perfectly grilled and seasoned. Feeling hungry already? Well, how about we help you set up a beautiful steak for dinner tonight? All you need to do is to follow our steak recipe book and you’re good to go.

Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a key Italian cuisine that has a long tradition and has been being cooked since the 1100s. Over time, there have been some great pasta dishes invented and we have collected them all to give you a one-stop platform for all the best pasta recipes.

Egg Noodle Recipes

Being a primary food of many cultures, noodles are a great tasting dish that is enjoyed in many themes. Egg noodle is a famous dish amongst them and while being a simple one, it tastes amazing. Find all the wonderful egg noodle recipes right here in our recipe book.

Crock Pot Recipes

Some amazing dishes are the only best cook in a crockpot. If you happen to own one and want to cook up a beautiful meal, then we have the missing ingredient for you! Our long list of crock pot recipes will allow you to be the star cook and dish out some awesome crockpot food!

Instant Pot Recipes

Instant pots are a great utensil to cook food in a quick span of time. While the process is easy, it is still required to know the recipes. Life in Recipes is here to give you some splendid instant pot recipes that you can easily learn and cook with simple instructions.

Cookie Recipes

We all love cookies, we mean, who doesn’t? Do you miss those amazing cookies grandma used to make? Well, you can find that exact taste by baking them yourself following our brilliant cookie recipes. You will find different varieties and tastes in our cookie recipe book.