>Celebrate Oktoberfest – Go Vote!


We are right in the middle of Oktoberfest season – it runs for 17 days from September 18 through October 4.  Last night, we celebrated with some homemade sauerkraut and bratwurst and some great German beer.  This was all part of my 2nd Project Food Blog challenge entry, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, from shredding and fermenting cabbage to flushing hog casings and stuffing them with seasoned ground pork.  And the meal was incredible – a perfect way to celebrate German culture and cuisine.
Today, I hope you’ll celebrate by heading on over to Foodbuzz and voting for your favorite food blogger in the great Project Food Blog competition.  If you like what you see on this site, and want to vote for me, you can click on that widget over there in the right-hand sidebar (you have to be registered with Foodbuzz to vote, but it’s free to register and they have lots of great resources, so sign on up).  
As a side note, I enjoyed making the Bratwurst for this challenge so much that I went on to try my hand at making Andouille (which tasted as good as any I’ve purchased in the store, if not better).  Next I think I’ll work on Kielbasa and maybe even some chicken or turkey sausage (I do, after all, have a ridiculous number of hog casings to use up). 

One thought on “>Celebrate Oktoberfest – Go Vote!

  1. >Thanks for the comment on my blog. Nope you're not the only crazy one. 🙂 I think this is one of those contests where you have to go big and go home and in my mind, that immediately meant, "I should get up to my elboes in meat and make sausage." You have my vote as well. Us sausage makers have to stick together.

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