>A taste of things to come


Just a quick reminder that today (September 20) is the first day that you can vote for THE NEXT FOOD BLOG STAR.  Here’s a link to my entry post in case you haven’t alrady read it.  You can click on that widget right over there in the sidebar or just click here, and it’ll take you straight to the Project Food Blog page where you can vote.
You really should just click on over right now and vote for me.  My next post  for the competition is going to be positively SCANDALOUS.  I’ll be handling parts of a pig I never thought I’d have the guts to deal with (pun completely intended) and fermenting vegetables on my kitchen counter (gasp!).  I realize this is a family-friendly site, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do….
As an added bonus, I’ll explain why I branded myself with an obscure (but nonetheless permanent) tattoo when I was a wide-eyed college student with nothing but my academic ambition ahead of me. 
I know you’re dying to know what all of this means, so GO VOTE so I a can tell you!

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