>Foodbuzz 24×24: Housewarming for a Cause


Hello, and welcome to our new home!  We’re so glad you were able to make it for our Housewarming for a Cause.  Not only have I moved house literally, I’ve also moved house on the world-wide-web…welcome to the new domain:  http://www.lifeinrecipes.com/.

We’re so grateful to Foodbuzz and Electrolux for giving us the opportunity to present our new home in style, while at the same time donating to a very worthy cause. Electrolux has committed $750,000 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and Foodbuzz is getting involved not only by sponsoring all the 24×24 posts, but also by donating a matching amount to the OCRF.

We invite you to join us for a culinary feast of local meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, imbibe in some local wine and beer with us.  No housewarming gifts necessary (please!  we just got rid of a bunch of stuff when we moved – we certainly don’t need anything else), all we ask is that you consider making a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

In preparation for this little soiree, I spent the morning visiting various farmer’s markets in my area.  I purchased apples and peaches, along with some honey and yogurt at the Riverside Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday from 8 until noon in the parking lot of Roswell City Hall (it used to be held in Riverside Park – hence the name – but they moved it this year to better accomodate a growing crowd of visitors and vendors).  I also purchased a couple of french baguettes from a local baker (he didn’t have a card or a sign, so I can’t tell you much about him, other than his bread was DELISH, and I wish I knew how to get in touch with him).

From here I went to Harry’s Farmer’s Market (a.k.a. Whole Food Market) to see what more I could find to round out my menu.  I purchased a couple of local cheeses (a chevre and a tome), some local beef short-ribs, a few ears of corn, a couple of butternut squash and some summer squash and zucchini.  I also picked up an assorted case of local Red Brick Brewing Company beer.  We already had some wine from our visit to Montaluce a couple of weeks ago, so we were covered there.

I came home to find my dear husband, D, cleaning the house in preparation for the party.  I started cooking around noon, getting the short-ribs on to braise in their blueberry beer braise (blueberries from a local vendor in Villa Rica, GA). 

I made french bread pizzas – two different kinds: honey, apple,  bleu cheese (not local, but at least somewhat regional); and summer squash caprese.

There’s southern fried corn, to be served with the short-ribs.

Don’t forget the butternut squash soup – enriched with a sage brown butter and local whole-milk greek yogurt and topped with fresh chevre.

To top off the night, we have homemade blueberry cobbler, served with homemade honey vanilla frozen yogurt.

So, thanks for joining us – can I pour you a glass of wine?

Thanks again to Foodbuzz for all the work they’re doing for Ovarian Cancer Research!  And, look forward to recipes for all the yummy party food later this week.



5 thoughts on “>Foodbuzz 24×24: Housewarming for a Cause

  1. >Thanks for the visit to my blog! Your post is gorgeous, and I am flattered to be included in this month's 24×24 with it. Congratulations on your new home! Aren't housewarmings the best?

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