>Classic Southern with a Twist


This week, in addition to the Romaine lettuce in our produce box, we had collard greens.  Although I’m a southern girl through and through, I’ve only recently acquired a taste for greens.  I prefer mustard and turnip greens, but collards are good, too.
Traditionally, collards are cooked low and slow with some fatback or ham hocks in salted water.  I wanted to do something different with these, though.  There’s a restaurant here in the Atlanta area – Taqueria del Sol – that serves a side dish of spicy turnip greens that are DE-licious.  The recipe was printed in the local paper a few years ago, making these delectable greens accessible to the home cook.

I love the original recipe, and would love to recreate it to the letter.  However, it is quite spicy, and my husband doesn’t tolerate as much heat as I do (he can do a mild heat, but doesn’t love super spicy foods).  I decided to tone mine down by using canned tomatoes and chillies instead of chile de arbol and diced tomatoes. 
I began by trimming and cleaning the greens.
I stripped the leaves from the stems and rinsed them in some cold water.
Then I rolled them up and cut them into 1-inch strips.
I boiled the greens in salted water for about an hour, until they were tender.  Then I drained them.  
I chopped half a red onion and sauteed it in 1 tablespoon of butter.  Then I added the drained greens, along with one can of diced tomatoes and chillies and two cups of chicken broth.  I let this cook for about 20 minutes more over low heat, just until the flavors all came together.
The end result was very similar to the original, just toned down slightly for a more sensitive palate.  
I served them with some pan-fried okra and baked chicken – yum!

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