>Sunshine came softly through my window….


It’s cold and snowy and wet outside today here in Georgia – not exactly what you’d expect from the second day of March.  I mean, this is the south, for goodness’ sake.  What’s the deal with Old Man Winter breathing down our necks?  Luckily, a lovely selection of organic fruits and vegetables arrived on my doorstep, bringing with it a little ray of sunshine.  I mean, who wouldn’t want this colorful array of produce delivered straight to their home by a friendly delivery-man?  

I decided to try a service called Nature’s Garden Delivered, a natural and organic produce delivery service that strives to support natural, organic, transitional and local (as much as possible) farmers.  Their website explains their philosophy better than I can, so I encourage you to click on over there to see what exactly it is that they do.
I will say that I looked into joining a local CSA, and came very close to hooking up with a farmer about 20 miles north of my home.  My decision to go with this larger group was based solely on a somewhat selfish appetite for non-local fruits.  I’m easing my family into the idea of sustainable living, and I didn’t want to send them into complete culture shock.  Nature’s Garden tries to source most of their offerings within 400 miles of their delivery area (obviously the bananas do not fit within these parameters).
I’m looking forward to seeing how the selection changes as the seasons change.  I’m excited to try some new vegetables that I might not ordinarily buy on my own.  As my youngest transitions to solid foods, I’ll enjoy knowing that I’m making his baby-food purees with natural and organic fruits and vegetables.  
I’m moving slowly toward a sustainable lifestyle, doing the things I can afford to do and encouraging others to do the same.

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