>Oh, yea….

>I posted a little while ago about the new camera lens that I ordered. 

Well, it got here on Friday, and I think I’ve taken about 14 billion pictures with it already.

Okay, so I’m prone to a little hyperbole on occasion, but seriously?  A LOT of pictures have been taken.

And guess what? 

It takes AWESOME pictures!! I mean, the subject matter here is nothing short of ADORABLE, but the lens definitely makes the shot that much better.
It’s great with food, too.  Here it is on an overcast day, in the afternoon right in front of the sliding glass doors in my kitchen (bake-fries prep).  
And here it is later the same day, same place, but less natural light.  Still a nice photo.  It does really well in lower-light situations.
Again, even later the same day (whole-wheat hamburger buns) with even less natural light.  I really like the depth of field with this lens.  It’s taken a little getting used to, since I’m so accustomed to a zoom lens – moving your body instead of the lens is a totally different feeling.  But, I’m learning.
I LOVE this lens.  Totally worth the price.

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