>Avocado Sauce – a.k.a. Guacamole


I love avocados.  There’s something about that buttery, rich flesh that, while maintaining it’s unctuous mouth-feel, still manages to taste light and fresh and green.

And, I love guacamole.  But I’ve always wondered what the most “authentic” version of guacamole is.  Is it that thin, onion-y green sauce predominated by chilies that you find out west?  Or is it the chunky, almost salad-like sauce chock full of red onions, garlic and cilantro that you find in Mexican restaurants on the East coast?  Is it simply some avocados stirred together with a little salt and pepper with a dash of citrus to prevent oxidizing?

Imagine my surprise when I ran across an episode of Rick Bayless’ show Mexico – One Plate at a Time, titled “Guac on the Wild Side,” in which he goes on an investigative journey seeking the origins of guacamole.  According to Mr. Bayless, there is no one authentic recipe – it varies from region to region and restaurant to restaurant or home to home.  Essentially, guacamole is just “avocado sauce” and you can serve it however you like it.

Personally, I like the delicate taste of avocado so much, I often don’t want to cover it up with a bunch of onion, garlic, or cilantro. 

Frequently, I will just take a couple of ripe avocados,

mash them with a fork, add a little salt and pepper and sprinkle with just the slightest bit of lime or lemon juice.

This yields a thick, creamy spread that is in its very essence avocado and can be used on everything from sandwiches to tacos to chips or crackers.  Or, you can just eat it with a spoon.

Last night, I served it with some shredded pork (left over from the Cuban sandwiches I made the other night) and high-fiber flour tortillas.

A simple, healthy, flavorful dinner that took about five minutes to prepare (long enough to mash the avocado and re-heat the meat).


2 thoughts on “>Avocado Sauce – a.k.a. Guacamole

  1. >B10 will be glad to know that when he makes his homemade guac, it's about as authentic as he can get. 😀 He LOVES avacados – which is so odd to me, but I'm so glad he's willing to try new stuff and then love it.

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