>Quick Quinoa Breakfast


A week or so ago I was in my local grocery store, and I found a box of Inca Red Quinoa.  I had only tried the white variety, and was intrigued by this alternative (which was higher in fiber and protein than its pale counterpart, by the way).

I chose to cook it in orange juice, for a breakfast cereal treat.  One serving was achieved by combining 1/2 cup of orange juice with 1/4 cup quinoa and a pinch of salt in a saucepan on the stove and bringing it to a boil, then reducing to a simmer and cooking, covered, for 15 minutes.
In the meantime, I pulled a jar of preserved figs from my fridge.  I had put these by a couple of summers ago when a co-worker brought me a bounty of fresh figs from his mother’s yard. I love the flavor of orange and figs together, so this seemed like a fitting combination.
I chopped three medium-sized preserved figs and added them right at the end of the cooking process.  This allowed them to impart their flavor without falling apart completely.
Once the quinoa had cooked through and was translucent, I removed it from the heat, added a small pat of butter (a teaspoon, I would guess) and a couple of drops of vanilla extract.
The end result was a warm, subtly sweet cereal high in fiber, protein and iron.  I highly recommend this red variety of quinoa – it’s slightly nuttier than the white variety and it retains its texture, remaining relatively firm even when fully cooked (it bursts in your mouth like caviar).

2 thoughts on “>Quick Quinoa Breakfast

  1. >Red quinoa is the only variety I've ever tasted, so I can't even compare with white(or yellow?) one…and it does taste great in salads, it's such a great protein booster….but I've never thought about making breakfast cereal out of it…sounds like a good idea….

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