>Spinach, bacon and cheese frittata


This morning, I was craving something savory for breakfast.  I really wanted quiche, but I didn’t feel like making a short crust, so I decided a little frittata was the next best thing.  This is a recipe of my own devising, thrown together with ingredients I had in the fridge.

First, I rendered a couple of pieces of bacon in a small  (8-inch) non-stick skillet. When it was crispy and brown, I poured off all but about one teaspoon of the fat and added the spinach to the pan (a couple of handsful).  This I wilted slightly.
Meanwhile, I whisked together one egg, 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 ounce of sharp cheddar cheese and salt and pepper to taste.
Once the spinach was slightly wilted, I poured the egg mixture into the pan.
This I cooked on top of the stove until the bottom was set.  I then moved the pan to a preheated 350 degree oven and cooked it until the eggs were set – about 8 minutes.
This was the perfect breakfast for one – simple, fresh, savory and relatively quick to prepare. 

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