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>Shepherd's Pie from Modern Classics by Donna Hay

π r squared (but these pies are round)

Pardon my absenteeism lately – I don’t really have an excuse.  It’s spring, the time change has knocked me for a loop, and my creativity in the kitchen is severely stifled these days.  Otherwise, things are good. Flowers are blooming, the weather is lovely, and we’ve started our summer garden.  We’ve expanded it by approximately […]

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>The tart that replaced pecan pie in my Thanksgiving repertoire

The tart that replaced pecan pie in my Thanksgiving repertoire

As a child, I hated pecan pie.  I think it was because (as I’ve come to understand in my adult years) the filling was often overcooked to the point of being curdled. There is a delicate balance in pecan pie, a fine line that bakers walk between silky smooth custard filling and curdled eggy mess.  […]

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Pie Is Meant To Be Shared

After almost 30 years in the same house, my husband’s parents made the decision to pack up and move 600 miles south.  From northern Virginia to north-eastern Georgia; from the suburbs of D.C. to the suburbs of Atlanta. It can’t have been an easy decision to make – to leave the place you’ve called home […]

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In Celebration of a Life: Peanut Butter Pie

There’s this strange and wonderful thing called the internet.  On it, you can read the news, catch up with friends, share your thoughts on the day, and find up to the minute tidbits about just about anyone.  It’s really a marvelous and scary place sometimes.The other day, I was doing a little bit of all […]

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