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The Bitten Word Cover to Cover Challenge {Beet Salad}

If you worry that Autumn signals the end of bright, colorful salads, then you clearly haven’t tried this one. The boys over at The Bitten Word brought this salad to my attention.  A couple of weeks ago, they decided to include their readers in an October food magazine cover to cover challenge.  They had a […]

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potatoes and salad

Worth Sharing {Roasted Potatoes}

Listen, y’all.  I know it’s been over a month since I last posted. It’s not like I haven’t been trying.  I have at least three posts in various stages of completion that I just haven’t been able to bring myself to publish.  I’m sorry.  I guess I just haven’t felt like sharing much lately. Until […]

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Yellow Valleys, Amber Waves and Grandma Helen’s Creamed Corn

I hope you’ll bear with me to the end of this post – it’s kind of long.  In fact, it’s probably two posts in one; but, they’re two posts that really do have something in common, so I ask for your patience as I tie together the loose ends.  It’s all about making and sharing […]

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>Super Spring Salad

One From The Archives: Super Squash Salad

I posted this salad recipe more than two years ago, but I thought it warranted a reprise.  I’ve already made it three times this spring and early summer, and I predict I’ll be making it a lot more during the height of squash and zucchini season.  We had it for dinner tonight with buffalo sirloin […]

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>Pantry Cleanse: Brown Rice Beet Risotto Edition

> Are you a lover or a hater of beets?  I used to be the latter, but when I discovered the wonders of roasted beets, I quickly converted to the lover category. There’s something about that earthy, sweet flavor that makes them irresistible.  Roasting them brings that out even more, converting them from mere root […]

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>Whole-wheat Dinner Rolls

> After the success I had with making Panettone the other day, I decided to try my hand at making dinner rolls using a similar formula. I love light, airy, yeasty dinner rolls, but I’ve always been hesitant to try baking them at home.  Bread baking and I have a love-hate relationship, mostly because I […]

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>A Summer Side: Hot ‘n’ Smoky Baked Beans

> This is an adaptation of a recipe that appeared in Bon Appetit magazine back in the late ’90s. I think it might have even been a Memorial Day issue. Or maybe it was the 4th of July. Anyway, I made it that year and have been making it every year since.  I’ve adjusted it […]

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>Classic Southern with a Twist

> This week, in addition to the Romaine lettuce in our produce box, we had collard greens.  Although I’m a southern girl through and through, I’ve only recently acquired a taste for greens.  I prefer mustard and turnip greens, but collards are good, too. Traditionally, collards are cooked low and slow with some fatback or […]

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>Smashed Potatoes

> There were some lovely little baby Yukon Gold potatoes in my produce box this week.  It was only about 1.5 lbs worth (which, as you probably know, isn’t a whole lot of potatoes – they’re heavy little suckers), so I needed a recipe that would maximize their potential. I considered simply roasting them, but […]

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>Black-eyed Pea and Quinoa Salad

> Tonight’s dinner consisted of barbecue pork sandwiches and this black-eyed pea and quinoa salad.  It was a nice light foil to the rich, succulent pulled pork. Cook one cup of red quinoa in two cups chicken stock.  When it’s done, mix it in a bowl with two cups cooked black-eyed peas; two celery ribs, […]

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