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The Bitten Word Cover to Cover Challenge {Beet Salad}

If you worry that Autumn signals the end of bright, colorful salads, then you clearly haven’t tried this one. The boys over at The Bitten Word brought this salad to my attention.  A couple of weeks ago, they decided to include their readers in an October food magazine cover to cover challenge.  They had a […]

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>Super Spring Salad

One From The Archives: Super Squash Salad

I posted this salad recipe more than two years ago, but I thought it warranted a reprise.  I’ve already made it three times this spring and early summer, and I predict I’ll be making it a lot more during the height of squash and zucchini season.  We had it for dinner tonight with buffalo sirloin […]

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The Return of the Prodigal Blogger {and some thoughts on salad}

I guess I kind of disappeared for a month.  Sometimes a girl just needs to take some time off, to get away (figuratively, that is), to relax, relate, release (name that 80s sitcom). Not a lot has happened since we last chatted.  I’ve mostly just been working and spending time with family. Over spring break, […]

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Nice: Salade Niçoise

Yesterday, before the sun had risen too high in the sky and pushed the temperatures into the stratosphere, I wandered down to the garden, toddler in tow.  As the 18-month old chased the chickens (bock-bocks as he calls them) in and around the cypress trees, I examined the various plants to see if any were […]

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>Steak Caesar

Steak Caesar

Y’all, I was craving some greens tonight.  And I know it’s Monday, which is supposed to be, you know, Meatless, but I was also craving some red meat. That’s how this Steak Caesar was born – just like that. See, I’ve been making some really good stuff here lately – and I plan to share […]

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>Salad Days

> Salad Days – a phrase coined by Shakespeare in 1606 in Anthony & Cleopatra, when she refers to her dalliance with Julius Caesar: “…My salad days,/ When I was green in judgement, cold in blood….” (thank you Wikipedia for the reference). More recently it has come to refer to times of youthful exuberance, carefree […]

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>An apple a day

> As I mentioned yesterday, we might have picked some apples this past weekend. Which means I might have spent the day yesterday up to my elbows (eyeballs) in apples.  Seriously – there were a lot of apples. And I’m not one to let things go to waste, so even the big bushel bag of […]

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>Spinach and Strawberry Salad

> Sometimes the simplest meals are the best ones. A few nights ago, while my husband was at work, my mother invited my son and I to come to her house for dinner.  She said she had some chicken thighs she was going to grill.  I said I’d bring a salad.   I looked in the […]

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>Easy Weeknight Caesar Salad

> There was a large head of Romaine lettuce in my produce box this week.  Usually, I’m not a fan of Romaine – except in Caesar salad.  I had the option of exchanging it for something, but I chose to use my exchanges elsewhere and figured we’d just use the lettuce for sandwiches or something.  […]

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