6 Best Healthy Recipes for a Cancer Patient

In the US, Cancer is a second-killer disease. However, estimates prove that proper diet and healthy lifestyles reduce the cases by almost 30 percent.

Once you have it, it is not a life sentence. It is time to embark on healthy recipes to alleviate symptoms.

Take note- the proper diet does not cure. It just reduces the production of the cancer cells by 50 percent.

World Cancer Research Fund reports that 20 million people live with this killer disease. Health experts advocate for preventive measures. Treating the condition is not only expensive but also complicated, depending on the stage of disease development.

There is no tangible evidence of specific foods that cause cancer. Observational studies link the following foods as the trigger to the production of its cells.

  • Refined sugars
  • Dairy products
  • Refined carbohydrates

Are you a fan of the above meals? Do not be scared; you have alternatives to improve and maintain your health. 

This disease negatively affects one’s appetite. Get a variety of recipes such that when your food desire is low, you have a choice.

There are proven cancer-fighting foods that are important to include as part of your ingredients. These are

  • Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Fruits
  • Flax seeds
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Garlic
  • Fish

You notice that plant diets come in handy to alleviate some of the cancer-related symptoms.

The Six most recommended plant diet for cancer patients

What makes plant diets top the list among the recommended diets is the fact that they are natural when it comes to nutrients. Cancer cells feed on sugar, which is refined food.

Reducing its intake or rather completely avoiding it starves the cells from their food- reducing their growth rate. Plant diet is not a cure too, but it comes in handy to reduce the growth of cancer cells hence increasing the life expectancy of a cancer survivor.

Try these simple plant recipes and get the difference

  • Boiled Rice/ Beans / Vegetable and Fruits

This food combination is a balanced diet. You have all the three major food combinations – proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Boil separately and add plant oil with, of course, salt to taste.

It is a simple meal to make. You can cook excess beans and freeze them to use at a later time. Bean is a legume renowned for its health benefits which include

  • Antioxidant
  • Helps in the repair of worn-out tissues
  • Reduces production of cancer cells
  • Contains iron to supply oxygen in the blood

Chickpeas and vegetable Salad

When you need a change in protein diet, then you can replace the beans with the chickpeas. It is readily available and easy to prepare. You only need to boil it for a few minutes and add your desired spices to give it a taste.

Use natural spices that are recommended by the doctor to prevent drug interactions.
Green Grams and avocado served with corn

This meal is yet another balanced diet recipe. It gives a different protein taste now that you have a reduced appetite with this chronic illness. Avocado gives you the plant oils with essential amino acids for specific body functions.

The corn in the diet is starch, take it in moderation. It provides the energy- a cancer warrior needs to fight the disease.

Fruit salad and groundnuts

Do you have a poor appetite? Are you lazy to even make a meal for yourself? Eating a healthy diet is not an option for you. Why then take a fruit salad instead? You only need to be creative in the kitchen and get some fruits of different colors.

The color of fruits dictates the type of nutrients. It means, the more the colors, the more the nutrients essential to fight this killer cells. The nuts have healthy fat to replace glucose for energy.

Cornbread with a vegetable sandwich

This meal plan is a recipe designed to take care of the starch crave. It is in order once in a while to relapse when it comes to diet. Remember, you have just had a drastic diet change after the diagnosis, which is not your norm.

You only need to relapse on a healthy diet too. Have you missed your hamburgers and fries? It is the vegetarian version of the same. You have a choice on the vegetable of choice based on what is in season.

Mushroom soup with vegetables

As noted earlier, processed meat is among the forbidden foods while on cancer treatment. You can replace the beef with mushrooms, which is a natural meat product classified as a plant diet. Try these different modes of cooking to either boiling or smoking or grilling. Any of them is healthy for you. You can do this even at night when you have the cravings with the right kitchen appliances. Moreover, it maintains the nutritive value and gives it a taste.

Sweet corn with Kales

Kales is an everyday meal among the vegetarians. Apart from its health benefits, it is also readily available throughout the year in most grocery stores. The brown corn gives you a change in diet. Moreover, it is purely a whole grain meal that has all the nutrients to provide all the energy you need.

Sugar is a no-go zone food for a cancer patient’s diet. Well…, sweet corn replaces the refined sugar that the body might crave.

The bottom line

You notice that in these recipes, there is no room for any refined foods. Naturally, as a healthy person, you tend to snack on processed foods. It does not mean when you have this chronic illness; you stop the habit.

No… replace it with fruits or vegetables. They are natural appetizers to help you gain your appetite after the rough cancer treatment procedures. Conversely, they provide the required macronutrient essential in body repair.